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Travel Solutions Enclosures
We're very glad to be able to offer a variety of large and small pet enclosures. The smaller, quick put-up/take-down, great for a quick weekend trip or an afternoon outside is from Wild Whiskers - the Outdoor Feline Funhouse (the Indoor Feline Funhouse has been discontinued by the manfacturer and is no longer available).
A larger system, which is also portable, comes from Kittywalk. Their systems include Yard Tunnel Systems and Deck and Patio Tunnel Systems with Curves and T-Connectors, Penthouses, Kabanas, Clubhouses, and bundle systems like the Town and Country Playground (best values) and the Grand Prix Playground (best values) and while geared for the outdoors, can be used indoors also - if you have the room.
Kittywalk also offers a Cozy Cabin for pets and the Cozy Climber for cats. Both are portable and easy to put-up, take-down and store. The Cozy Climber hooks onto any door and cats can play in it like permanent cat towers.
This playground is a system bundle that combines several fun components to make a large "run" for your cat or small pet. It's great for indoor cats with energy to burn! This totally new circular system allows your indoor cat to safely navigate the great outdoors... up, down, around and around and around. Your cats will never get enough!
Designed to allow your cats the ability to run uninterrupted to their hearts content without having to stop at the end of the enclosure, turn around then run off again. The Kittywalk Grand Prix Playground is great for either one cat or can comfortably accommodate two to three cats happily together at the same time. Like all Kittywalk enclosures, the Grand Prix can be moved from place to place without harming the landscape.
The Grand Prix Playground combines our most versatile components:  
- Travel bags included
Dimensions:  86” L, 70” W, 5’ H at the Penthouse. Weight: 88 lbs.
$389.95 Item #KWGP550
The ultimate outdoor playground for your indoor cat! Kittywalk Systems outdoor pet enclosures are designed to be connected together to form different configurations so your indoor cat can have plenty of room to roam outside and many different things to do.
The Kittywalk Town & Country Playground can be used with other Kittywalk outdoor pet enclosures such as; the Clubhouse, Curves, T-Connect and even additional Deck & Patio Tunnels, Yard Tunnels and the Penthouse highrise.
The Kittywalk Systems Town & Country Playground includes:
- Kittywalk Deck & Patio: 6’ long outdoor pet enclosure that works on any flat surface
- Kittywalk Kabana: Shade awning and Hammock that keeps your cat cool and comfortable
- Kittywalk Penthouse: Over 5’ of vertical fun with 3 different Hammock levels for your active cats
Dimensions for fully assembled:
Total length: 96”
Total height (including flag): 72”
Total height (without flag): 63 1/2”
Total width: 18"
$259.95 Item #KWTC249
Let your indoor cat join you on the deck or patio.
Pet Business:  An award winning portable cat containment system that is safer than cages and pens. Endorsed and recommended by world renowned cat therapist, author, and columnist Carole C. Wilbourn. Cat Fancy Editor’s Choice Award.
- Open net construction for maximum visibility and ventilation
- Ideal for backyard decks, patios, and apartment balconies
- Extends to 6 feet long, additional units can be added
- Can be teamed up with Kittywalk lawn version
- Accepts Kittywalk KABANA accessory
- Easy to snap together rail system
- Weather resistant for all seasons
- Handy travel & storage bag included
Folded Dimensions: 19” Wide, 24” High, 4.5” Deep
Set-Up Dimensions: 19" Wide, 24” High, 6' Long
$99.95 Item #KW100P
Let your indoor cat safely enjoy the great outdoors! Outdoor pet enclosure that stakes quickly and easily into your lawn.
With Kittywalk your cat can safely:  Relax in the fresh air! Eat grass! Chase bugs! Watch birds! Exercise & enjoy the sunshine! The Kittywalk Outdoor Lawn Tunnel is made of sturdy industrial strength fishnet, weaved to a metal hoop shaped wicket that easily stakes firmly into the ground. Netting and metal hoops are weather resistant. Easily attaches to indoor/outdoor pet doors so your cat can go outside at will, without the risk of unwanted visitors entering your home.
Folded Dimensions: 19” Wide, 31” High, 5” Deep
Set-Up Dimensions: 19” Wide, 24” High, 10' Long
- Expands to 10 feet long
- Lightweight & Portable
- Multiple units can be connected together
- Won't harm your grass
- Weather resistant netting and frame
- Works with all other Kittywalk outdoor products
- Travel& Storage Bag included
$109.95 Item #KW100
Let your pets have it made in the shade!
Sunshade and Hammock offer shade and comfort for your cat while using Kittywalk. Weatherproof, washable canvas.
Comes in two sizes : Regular & ULTRA.
Regular Kabana Covers 24” section of Kittywalk Lawn, and Deck & Patio versions. Awning & Hammock tie easily to any section of Kittywalk.
Ultra Kabana Covers 24” section of Kittywalk ULTRA. Has a Rugged and Comfortable Ground Blanket instead of a Hammock.
$29.95 Item #KW300

Adds a connector tunnel & additional doorway to your system. Create your own combinations of interesting passageways for your pet with the versatile Kittywalk T-Connect addition to your existing Kittywalk System and be limited only by your imagination!
Designed to be used with any Kittywalk outdoor enclosures on any surface With three optional entry ways, the T-Connect can open up the world for your cats when easily connected to the Kittywalk Deck & Patio, Penthouse, & Curves components of the Kittywalk System of outdoor pet enclosures.
Made from rugged rip-stop netting. Available for purchase as a single unit, or a pair of units.
Heavy duty weather resistant canvas. T-Connect cannot be used alone.
1 T-Connect: $69.95 Item #KWCON1
2 T-Connects: $119.95 Item #KWCON2 - BEST VALUE
Allow your cats the privacy they deserve! Kittywalk Clubhouse is adaptable to any Kittywalk pet enclosure unit and sets up in seconds. The Clubhouse can be used either as housing for the litter pan, or as a cozy bedroom for safe secure sleeping when a cat bed is placed inside. The signature striped water-resistant canvas protects against the elements.
Open-ends and a zipper side on the Clubhouse give easy access to you and your cat. (Litter box not included)
- Can be used on any surface
- Made from Kittywalk weather resistant fabric
- Side PVC window for a Kitty’s eye view of the world and curtains on each end protects litter pan (not included) or bed from elements
- Lightweight and easily compacts for travel
- Heavy duty weather resistant canvas
- Cannot be used alone
- Easily attaches to any Kittywalk Systems component for cats
$99.95 Item #KWCLUB

Kittywalk Enclosures - Clubhouse can hide the litterbox and give your cats the privacy they like when using their litterbox.

Sets of 90 & 180 degree curves add variety to your system!
- Can be used on any surface, grass, wood or stone.
- Does not harm your grass
- Works with pet doors and with all Kittywalk outdoor pet enclosures. (Pet doors & pet enclosures NOT included)
- Weatherproof rip-stop collapsible netting with a sturdy metal frame
- Easy set-up. Snaps together in just minutes
The Curves come in a box of 2 (making a 90 degree curve)
And in a box of 4 (making a 180 degree curve.)
Box of 2 Curves contains:  2 curves & 2 doors.
  $79.95 Item #KWC700
Box of 4 Curves contains:  4 curves, 2 doors & 1 travel bag.  $139.95 Item #KWC750 - BEST VALUE
Kittywalk Pet Cozy Cabin
The Kittywalk Indoor Pet Cozy Cabin in black or green. It can be used as a play cabin for cats or small pets.
It is lightweight, easy to set-up or take down, lightweight. It's best use is for a completely enclosed pet car seat keeps your pet where it belongs.
- Cozy Cabin easily attaches to seat belt and headrest
- Sets up in seconds
- Collapses into a size smaller than a briefcase, 17"L x 17"W x 8"H
- Three portholes that zip open or zip closed when vehicle is in motion
- Thick 2" faux sheepskin interior bumper that protects pets from sudden stops
- Cozy Cabin has no hard interior surfaces which could harm your pet in the event of an accident
- Handy storage section for leashes, blankets and water bowls
- Pets ride high up so they can enjoy the scenery too!
- Padded shoulder strap included for your comfort
- "Floating" floor can be removed to accommodate larger dogs
Regular: $109.95 Item #KWCC560 - Black; Item #KWCC555 - Green

Kittywalk Pet Cozy Climber
The Cozy Climber lets your cat reach new heights indoors! The Cozy Climber delights and challenges your most cherished pet!
Carole C. Wilbourn, feline behaviorist, noted author and columnist on cats says, “Kittywalk Cozy Climber will satisfy your Cat’s natural curiosity to climb high and is a fun source of exercise for indoor cats.”
The Cozy Climber is lightweight, easy to set-up and take-down for portability for any trip you take your cats on. It will help keep them busy once it's mounted and mounts on most standard doors in seconds.
64” of vertical space in which to climb and enjoy - Perfect for indoor use where space is limited.
- Top Privacy Parlor with cozy fleecy platform pad.
- 5 over 5 design - A full 5’ of vertical fun with 5 roomy levels to climb and play.
- Made from rugged tight weave PVC mesh with removable Kittywalk signature fabric awning.
- Mounts easily on most standard doors in seconds.
Set-Up Dimensions: 22" Wide X 13' Deep X 5' Tall
Weighs 14 lbs
$149.95 Item # KWCL810 - Taupe
$149.95 Item # KWCL800 - Green

Wild Whiskers Feline Funhouse
Safe outdoor play for cats and other small pets!  Give your pets the Purr-fect gift of fresh air and sunshine!  Check out our Wild Whiskers page for other great cat and small pet items.
The Outdoor Feline Funhouse - A "breath of fresh air" for indoor cats and other small pets! - 72” x 39” x 27” -- Black nylon mesh netting with bright blue trim. Enclosed Storage bag is 22" in diameter. This portable containment system can be placed on your deck or lawn. It is also great for camping and RVing with pets! The Funhouse includes stakes and weight bags for extra stability.
Also available is the Indoor Feline Funhouse for loads of indoor fun. This indoor version of the Feline Funhouse is a great play tent for your small pets. With a large zippered door and two end flaps, your favorite small pals can race in and out, up and down, and over and under. When playtime is over, the Funhouse is a great place for a catnap! It is a one-piece unit that folds quickly and easily and stores flat in its own zippered carry bag.
The Feline Funhouse should be used under human supervision at all times. Please take this step to ensure the safety of your pet.
Special Note: A percentage of all Wild Whiskers profits will go to benefit the A.S.P.C.A. and other animal welfare organizations
This is a comfortable outdoor cat enclosure in which your indoor feline or other small pet may enjoy fresh air and sunshine. So your pets may enjoy the feel of grass under their feet, this enclosure comes without a bottom.  A Comfort Pad is available for purchase.
It is a roomy (72” x 39” x 27”), one-piece unit that sets up instantly with NO ASSEMBLY REQUIRED, then folds quickly and easily to store flat in its own zippered carrying bag. Additionally, the Outdoor Feline Funhouse may be used indoors to separate animals, keep pets confined when you are knitting or doing other tasks with which they might want to “interfere”, or to keep an ill / recovering animal temporarily contained and quiet. Breeders also find the Outdoor Feline Funhouse useful for containing new litters of kittens and for use in hotel rooms while traveling to shows.
The Indoor Feline Funhouse has been discontinued by the manufacturer and is no longer available.
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